Here are my Projects

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite projects I have worked on over the past few years ranging from music technology hardware design, to programming, to video editing, to audio plugin creating and much more!


Job: Designer, Programmer

Rummage Is a Biodata Eurorack Module I designed based on Biodata sonification technology designed by Electricity for progress. It turns plant data into musical data!


Job: Designer, Programmer

LEDVU is a 2hp, skiff friendly led VU meter Eurorack module. It supports audio and control voltage in + out. And can represent positive and negative signal!

Stream Me
Stream Me

Job: Composer, Music Producer

STREAM ME is an upcoming visual novel based off of Error 143, Online @ The perfect time and Blooming panic. Being developed by the danish artist Orchidax.

9 to 5
9 to 5 (Musical)

Job: Sound Design, Sound 1

I did the sound design, desk operation (Mixing the band and cast) and Management of the sound team for a 4 day run of a local production of 9 to 5.

Pedal Pi

Job: Designer, Creator, Programmer, Designer

Pedal Pi V2 by Thawney is an all new and regularly maintained Pedal-Pi by electrosmash; a lo-fi programmable guitar pedal that works with the Raspberry Pi ZERO Board.

Stream Me
Trafalgar Entertainment

Job: Casual Technician

I have been a casual theatre technician operating lighting and sound equipment for two trafalgar entertainment owned theatre venues for almost a year at this point.

Two Maiden Ladies (Musical)

Job: Social Media, Video Editing, Music Production

TML is a musical about the story of a same sex marriage in the 1800’s: Sylvia Drake and Charity Bryant.
Written by August Greenwood and Nalah Palmer

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50 years of  Pride in London

Job: Assistant Sound Technician, Backline

I worked with Middle8Live as an assistant sound technician and backline technician for a 50 years of Pride in London celebration at the Royal Albert Hall.

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Practice Room Piano

Job: Creator, Audio Engineer, Post Production, Programming

My first piano plugin, a school practice room Piano. Slightly out-of-tune and abandoned piano that creates a charming reminiscent feeling that I enjoy.

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Job: Assistant Sound Technician

I worked with Offtape studios and Black Skull Creative as an assistant sound technician setting up microphones, RF, in ear monitors and track systems for Calum Scott's Tv recording of his song biblical.

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The Forest Album

Job: Composer, Producer

It contains various pieces of music I made for a now defunct Multimedia franchise. When I worked for the franchise my music was used on a web-based ARG, one of the top 100 fiction podcasts in America, an Instrumental EP, A youtube ghost hunting mini series and a Musical. 

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Job: Assistant Sound Technician

I worked with Offtape studios and Black Skull Creative as an assistant sound technician helping with setup and running the track system. This shoot was especially cool as we were in the incredible Battersea Arts Centre Hall.

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PrettyRock Bot

Job: Programmer, Creator

A Discord chatbot that allows you to give yourself & your friends pretty rocks on Discord :D It is my first verified discord bot and is in over 1800 servers.

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