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I'm a Nonbinary Musician, Programmer, Editor, Designer, Sound Technician and Creator from the UK!

Image: Rummage, a eurorack module by thawney. It has a yellow front plate with silver leaves and a knob at the top.


This module is a bit like a plant whisperer! Simply connect it to a plant (or anything biological for that matter!) and it churns out a sweet trio of Note CV and Gate signals. But wait, there's more! It also spits out a raw PWM Biodata square wave, a wobbly CV output, and even throws in a MIDI out for good measure. Talk about a botanical boogie, eh?

Technical Info:
6HP - 25mm deep
12v - 90mA
-12v - 0mA
5v - 0mA

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Based on midisprout by Electricity for Progress!

Image: LEDVU, a eurorack module by thawney. It has a yellow front plate and 2 audio jacks.


Introducing the pocket powerhouse of audio visualization – behold, LEDVU! Compact enough to slide into a mere 2hp space on your rack, this little marvel boasts a buffered input and output, ensuring your audio signals remain pristine throughout their journey.

It's not just about the size; this VU Meter is a skiff-friendly champion. Its LEDs dance and flicker in tandem with your levels, providing a visual feast that's both captivating and practical. Whether you're monitoring your mix, tweaking levels, or simply mesmerized by the glowing display, this LED VU Meter adds both flair and functionality to your setup.

Technical Info:
2HP - 23mm deep
12v - 30mA
-12v - 80mA
5v - 0mA

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