Privacy Policy

General privacy stuff

I will not permanently store or sell your data.

Times your data may be temporarily stored currently consist of:

• When your discord username is stored for the duration of a bot command on discord so that it can mention you in a message (this is stored for at most the few seconds it will take that command to execute)

• If I ever create a newsletter that you sign up to I will securely store your email on an encrypted mailing list so that I can contact you. Your email will be removed the moment you unsubscribe.

• If you contact me (to report a bug, ask about a project or otherwise) your contact information will be stored temporarily so I can reply to the conversation.

• If you give me permission to quote you, link to your work on my projects and site, or otherwise credit you; your username or information will be displayed and thus stored on that work. If you want it removed, contact me and I will immediately remove it.

Please note I have the right to change this policy without warning

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