Discord Bots

Here's all of the discord bots I have made! This page contains info, commands, invite links and more! If you want to try out bots before they are made public consider joining my discord server!

Remember to look at my terms and privacy policy before inviting bots to your server!


A Demo Of the /prettyrock command

PrettyRock Bot

Give Yourself & Your Friends Pretty Rocks on discord :D That's all this bot does. It is my first verified discord bot and is in over 1000 servers.
[Invite Link]

/prettyrock - give yourself a rock :D
/prettyrockgift - give your friend a rock :D
/help - get help and links :D

Right Click To give Rock
Right-click the message then select "Apps" > "Give A Rock".
Make sure the bot can see all the channels you try to give rocks to people in or it will not work!!

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